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About Us


Once consolidated in Mexico and seeing the need for educational and cultural material for Latino Community, LibrosBooks USA go into library services in May 2012. The purpose of the service is giving librarians those materials in Spanish of mostly import publishers.

We want to meet the needs of END USERS promoting all that with which the USERS can related to as in with Latino American Authors books, as to DVDs, Music and EVERYTHING related to Latino Culture.

-We can supply any book in Spanish as long as and when it

-Very attractive special discounts depending on your order.

-We can provide DVDs/Audiobooks

- Transparent Plastic sealing service (book protection)

- Marc records delivery service.

-Cataloging service with the customer

-Free Shipping on orders over $100.00

-Service agreements to fit the client needs.

-Personalized service to schools and libraries.

-We receive schools and libraries purchase orders (immediate credit).

-eBooks are sold to End Customers only by means of the internet.




11490 Don Haskins Dr.

El Paso TX. 79936